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Great Ideas of Science

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Image: A Touch of Science. flickr photo by Mars P. shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license.

Grandes Preguntas

Grandes Ideas


We'll ask grand questions. And you will, too.


We'll discuss great ideas that sprung from great questions. Including yours.


We'll have ample space to think critically about science; to discuss and to foster healthy debates.


We'll have invited experts talk about each great idea. Then, it's your turn to do so!

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About us

We are CNA210! The course on Great Ideas of Science. Come at Universidad del Sagrado Corazón to engage and enjoy a course on the great questions and ideas of science.

Who We Are

This course has been designed and Web-enabled by two professors who are enthusiasts of both the Web (and its affordances) and Science (and its method). We want all students to have a chence to understand and participate with the full power of big science.

What We Do

We teach computer science classes and direct the STEMmED II Project.

  • We love the Web
  • We love debates
  • We love the power of science
  • We dislike arrogance
  • Science is humble
  • Science is curiosity
  • ...and discovery
  • ... and asking hard questions!

Meet the Team

Meet the professors who developed and designed this course.


Antonio Vantaggiato

Professor, Computer Science


Doribel Rodríguez

Professor, Computer Science<

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